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Aujourd'hui - May 30, 2023

Buzz Captions

Offline audio transcription and translation.

Transcribe and translate audio offline on your personal computer. Powered by OpenAI's Whisper.

Buzz Captions @ GitHub.

Pingvin Share

A self-hosted file sharing platform that combines lightness and beauty, perfect for seamless and efficient file sharing.

Pingvin Share is self-hosted file sharing platform and an alternative for WeTransfer.

scc: Sloc, Cloc and Code

scc is a very fast accurate code counter with complexity calculations and COCOMO estimates written in pure Go.

A tool similar to cloc, sloccount and tokei. For counting physical the lines of code, blank lines, comment lines, and physical lines of source code in many programming languages.

Goal is to be the fastest code counter possible, but also perform COCOMO calculation like sloccount and to estimate code complexity similar to cyclomatic complexity calculators. In short one tool to rule them all.


Artica V4 is an appliance based on Debian 10 Operating system. Your can install it on the Hardware or Virtual Machine of your choice and get a Web Gateway appliance within minutes.


Minisign is a dead simple tool to sign files and verify signatures.

Minisign @ GitHub


Executes commands in response to file modifications.

Run a command when files in the current directory change. Kick off build processes, restart development servers, detect activity… stop pressing Enter ⏎ over and over again.

Watchexec @ GitHub.


Simple RSS-to-Mastodon autoposter.

A really simple script [rss :-)] to scrape RSS feeds and post them into a Mastodon account


Webhook server for Gitlab, Github and Gitea to run arbitrary commands